Educating Street & Slum Children

This project seeks Mainstream Street children back into society and school through provision of food to them, improving their social life and integrating back to acquire education which is their future. The project shall reach out to these children wherever they are through outreach programs and home-based education system until their interests and motivation in education is ignited. At this level they shall be integrated back to schools through scholarships which cover their educational expenses and livelihood needs. The home-based education system shall strengthen their learning by providing lessons at appropriate times.

The Problem
Street and slum children have been denied of their right to quality health, social life, appropriate life, nutrition and education. They are rejected and stigmatized by society and considered as un-useful. These children daily face challenges; they do not know where their next meal shall come from; where to get medical attention and so on. These daily struggles especially the struggles to survive have kept these children too busy for education. They are robbed of decent lives, education, access to health and opportunities to complete fairly in communities. Some families are so poor that children due to hunger end up into streets looking for means and ways to survive. Even though they go to streets they do not have enough to eat. They cannot afford to go to school for their education. Most of their time is spent on looking for food to eat because they have to survive. They face harsh conditions, harsh treatments, rejection, violence, diseases, hunger and lack education.

To break the poverty cycle, there is need to educate these children as well as help them access their rights. The project shall help these children access education, educational materials, other school requirements, food, medicines (or health services) and try to improve their social life (through provision of educational toys and engage them in sporting activities). The project shall also follow up and monitor their performance at school. There shall also be sensitization of their families (for those whose families exist), communities and general society for acceptance and fair treatment of these vulnerable children whose rights are denied thereby facing hard life. The organization shall partner with government structures and other development structures as well as community structures for a joint efforts and sustainability and effectiveness. We shall advocate for implementation of policies that protect the street child.

Potential Long Term Impact
The project shall bring on board all key stakeholders in this matter and help identify their roles in the resolution of this problem which does not need to be ignored like it is currently. The following are the stakeholders who shall be brought on board through sensitization, engagement meetings and invitations:

  • - Ministry of Education
  • - Education Institutions e.g. schools
  • - Community Development Structures
  • - Government structures e.g. Ministry of Youth, Ministry of Community Development, Police Victim Support Unit
  • - The Media
  • - Potential Donors

Education and various support is the solution for the street children in Zambia.

  • $10 School fees for one child for one month
  • $30 Uniform & books for one child for one year
  • $60 School fees for one child for half a year
  • $100 Sponsor a teacher’s salary for one month (Community schools)
  • $120 Provide nutrition for 500 children a day
  • $200 Education materials for 500 children for one month
  • $500 Rent for hostel for 40 marginalized children for one month

    *Currency $USD

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