The organizational goal is to empower the vulnerable, the needy and the poor in societies in taking charge of their lives in all social, development and economic aspects.

As a Community Based Organization, GYT and its partners are uniquely positioned to contribute to this goal through appropriate community-based approaches that build support for poverty eradication, access to primary education, women empowerment, and primary health care, embrace partnerships, and encourage innovation. To achieve this and also to strengthen efforts towards achievement of our overall goal, GYT Zambia has the following Strategic Organizational Priorities and objective focus areas:

Strategic Organizational Priorities
1. Growing & diversifying our resources base and partner linkages towards self reliance and sustainability
2. Strengthening our internal capacities to achieve program priorities & organisational goals.
3. Raising our profile & increasing stakeholders and partners engagement
4. Focusing & strengthening our program direction
The following are the focus areas which contribute towards achievement of the organizational overall goal: