You can help raise funds by selling cupcakes, donating collection boxes, hold an event etc.

As GYT Zambia, we are highly accountable to our fundraisers, donors, supporters, partners and rights holders. We highly value the time, efforts, talent, skills and various resources that our fundraisers spend and put aside to support resource mobilization for various causes for the benefit of the poor, needy, voiceless and marginalised in our societies in Zambia. Every fundraiser towards any of the causes has full rights to follow up on how the raised funds and various resources have been utilised and give feedback which we shall take seriously as a rights promoter organization.

We value and embrace accountability, transparency, participation, sustainability and honesty in our work for effective and efficient delivery of intended focus areas’ objectives.
We would like to assure our Fundraisers that their efforts and time put to fundraising for GYT Zambia projects and various causes shall touch and impact lives positively.
If the cause you would like to fundraise for is not among our five focus areas, then feel free to discuss the cause with us and email us at so that we discuss the cause you would like to fundraise for.