Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Education

The Project shall ensure that empowered Schools own fully entrepreneurship for sustainable education concept and that they are self-sufficient and generating their own income in supporting sustainable education. The “Pass on the Gift” shall be incorporated in this project where empowered schools are empowering other schools in improving educational access & sustainability through entrepreneurship. The project shall promote this project and ensure it is sustained in schools.

The following is the project goal and objectives:

Programme Goal
- Self-Sufficient Schools promoting, encouraging & supporting entrepreneurship for sustainable Education (EFSE)

  • - Acquired Knowledge & skills in entrepreneurship for sustainable Education
  • - Generated innovative approaches & Income Generation Activities (IGAs) for sustainable Education
  • - School donors & trainers to other schools through “Pass on the gift”
  • - Formulated & trained schools EFSE committees spearheading EFSE

The Problem
Currently, Zambia is one of the few countries in the Southern region with the most poorly developed education system. Though the country is trying to invest in education at all levels, the resources are inadequate. The Schools are still inadequate and as such many children are left out of School. Current statistics indicate that of all children who enroll for seven years of primary education, less than 20% enter secondary, and only 2% enter University or some other form of higher education.

The following challenges are a deterrent to access to quality & sustainable education:

  • - Poor & Inadequate school facilities
  • - Limited number of teachers
  • - Limited access to education due to high school fees and lack of scholarships to poor pupils
  • - Erratic government grants to schools while support from well-wishers is very unreliable and less likely
  • - None of the targeted schools are generating their own income to support education

The solution scales up the concept of improved sustainable access to quality education by applying the principle of pass on the gift from one school to another instead of ending at one school; this therefore transfers part of donor role to supported schools. It also empowers and challenges schools to come up with various innovative approaches and to remain innovative. Therefore, it promotes ownership and the spirit of innovation to be nurtured. Schools will be encouraged to not only be innovative but also continuously improve their entrepreneurship programs for effective and improved access to sustainable and quality education. There shall be signing of Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) with schools earmarked for support to facilitate smooth implementation of the project. The supported schools shall be able to provide scholarships to poor pupils so that they access education just like other pupils from able families.

1. Formation & training schools EFSE (Entrepreneurship for sustainable education) Committees in selected schools.
2. Entrepreneurship Training
3. Financial support through revolving fund to first three schools which shall be passed on to other schools.
4. Provision of training facilities & materials
5. Local call for schools EFSE short proposals/concepts; submission, assessment & selection after training.

Potential Long Term Impact

Overall Impact: Improved access to sustainable quality education through entrepreneurship

The innovative nature of this project is that it multiplies and continues as donor role is transferred to schools that shall be supported to support other schools through “Pass on the Gift” Concept. Schools shall be trained in Entrepreneurship and to be able to pass on the gift to the next school and help in the training and monitoring of the next school. The donor role shall be passed on to supported schools to reduce total dependence on external support.

Growth & Sustainability
The support shall be revolving fund passed on as a gift from one school to another to reduce donor burden and dependence, and successful schools shall be raised to offer support to other schools. Schools shall be free to come up with innovative approaches and continuously encouraged to improve their entrepreneurship programs for sustainable education.


  • $500 to $1,500 Will support one (01) to three (03) schools in Income Generating Activities/ Entrepreneurship
    $1,500 to $2,500 Will support three (03) to five (05) schools in Income Generating Activities/ Entrepreneurship
    $500 Will support training of ten (10) schools in Entrepreneurship
    $1000 Will support project monitoring and management including logistics

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