Sustainable Economic Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship

The project shall address these needs by training women in Entrepreneurship knowledge in the area of honey production, mushroom growing, home gardening, crafts making, tailoring, Rabbits rearing, poultry rearing, soap making, candles making and other such Income Generating Activities (IGAs) as well as facilitating the establishment and improvement of women led enterprises, and shall link these to local international markets for easy sale of their products/goods and services. To improve access to financial services for the women to improve their businesses, the project shall establish savings and loans groups where women are required to save and borrow from. There shall be advocacy for implementation of appropriate women empowerment policies/laws and access to land rights and financial services where the poor have no collateral.

The Problem
Zambia’s population is young, with 70 % consisting of youths and about 51% women. The majority of Zambians, especially the women, have no jobs and have no capacity to earn a living. The most vulnerable people groups are women due to cultural limitations and lack of self-esteem and limited empowerment programs. A high proportion of women have no access at all to financial services to start and / or to improve their businesses.

Targeted Beneficiaries
150 women led Enterprises (about 3 to 5 women per Enterprise) – 750 women.

Final Beneficiaries
Estimated families, Wider community: 4,500

The establish women led enterprises and train them in entrepreneurship and these shall also be a form of Loan Savings groups to improve access to financial services to improve their businesses.

The following are the objectives for this project:
(a) 150 Women led enterprises improved and/ or established by 2017
(b) 150 Women led enterprises have access to local or domestic markets by 2017
(c) 150 Women groups have improved access to finance & land by 2017
(d) 10-30% Increase in profits through value chain development by 2017

Potential Long Term Impact
GYT shall implement the project in collaboration with government ministries like Gender and Community Development which are permanent structures on the ground. The women led enterprises and groups shall be registered and linked to government structures for further supervision, monitoring and support from time to time after the project has ended. The project shall try to incorporate the “Pass on the Gift” Concept so that supported women groups also train and raise other groups in collaboration with Ministry of Community Development and Gender.

The project embraces Rights Based Approach (RBA) in the programming and has considered right to decent life, right to own property and the project itself promotes access to other rights like education, health and water by empowering women and improving their income levels.

The project also focuses on bridging the gap in inequalities between men and women in terms of facilitating increased access to income levels and land for women. It shall consider deterrent factors like Gender Based Violence that deter women from participation and decision making.

Overall Impact: 750 Women secure sustainable income to meet their basic needs by 2017
Project Goal: 750 Women economically empowered through inclusive business by 2017


  • - 750 women gained Knowledge in entrepreneurship and vocational skills
  • - 150 Women led enterprises
  • - Established 150 women savings and loans groups
  • - Two (02) Incubation Hubs (IH) established and/ or developed.
  • - Women have advocated for improved entrepreneurship infrastructure and facilities for their businesses.
  • - 75 Women led enterprises have secured supply contracts.
  • - 750 Women have gained knowledge in marketing.
  • - Women have gained access to loans & financial capacity for business.
  • - 50 Women led enterprises have accessed, owned & controlled land.
  • - Two women led advocacy campaigns for access to land & entrepreneurship structures.
  • - 750 Women have gained knowledge in value addition.
  • - 50 Women have accessed tools & technology for value addition.

The following are the activities:

  • - Training in entrepreneurship and business establishment/ growth.
  • - Establishing women led enterprises
  • - Establishing incubation hubs
  • - Facilitating Market research (analysis) and assessments
  • - Facilitating linkages with private sector actors & markets
  • - Training on marketing
  • - Establishing Savings & Loan Groups.
  • - Engaging duty bearers and traditional leaders for women land access
  • - Training on value addition/ Provision of value chain tools
  • - Facilitating linkages with existing institution focused on innovations for value addition e.g. Universities/colleges
    - Public advocacy campaigns/ Mobilizing and organizing rights holders into groups/ Advocacy on access to justice on land rights

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