Sponsor A Child

It is said that good EDUCATION is the best gift you can give to your child. What about the vulnerable children from poor families or without parents? Cannot we support them like we do to our own children?

All children in Zambia deserve the best gift of EDUCATION regardless of their status in society. Even though a child has access to education, various deterrent factors like hunger, poverty, emotional stress/ torture and the like impact negatively children’s access to quality education.

The following children want to be various professionals in life but that can only be achieved if they are supported to access education easily and with less stress or with manageable stress. We as GYT Zambia would like to assure sponsors and potential sponsors of these children that their support shall reach these children; they can be linked to these children and/ or follow up and monitor the support and their school performance. The fight for vulnerable children’s access to education needs concerted efforts.

Donation Choices: Currency USD
$5 shall go towards purchase of books for writing for one child for 1 year
$10 shall go towards purchase of study & story books
$20 shall go towards participation in periodical social events
$30 shall go towards purchase of two pairs of shoes for one child
$40 shall go towards purchase of clothes for one child
$40 shall purchase toys for one child
$60 shall go towards school fees for one child for one year
$90 shall go towards lunch for one child for one year


Do you want to Hug an Orphan in Zambia?
You can do this through our Hug an Orphan program by purchasing a Teddy Bear or making a donation. GYT Zambia is fundraising through the “Hug an Orphan” fundraising program which involves sale of Teddy Bears where if you purchase one or more Teddy bears through the GYT Shop Click Here then you are going to hug an orphan in Zambia through supporting their basic needs like Education, Health, Food & Clothing.

Please nominate each child's name below when making your donation. Click Here to Donate